4 Hidden Costs Of Object Storage Services

1- Minimum data retention policy

Basically this fee applies when you upload some of your objects on your cloud, delete it and still get charged for it. various object storage services have this policy so look out for it.

Image from Wasabi

2- Egress fee

Egress fees have always been a huge part of cloud bills, Most of the object storage services include this in their billing, so look out for your egress costs before it’s too late.

3- Request Costs

if you don’t have a clear vision of how many requests you will be using on a monthly basis, this would be a huge part of your billing in the long run, so keep your request limit or else, you’ll have some trouble with your accounting team.

4- Bandwidth Usage

If you’re not planning to access your storage or not show them to public, don’t worry about this. But if you plan to have your data accessed via your website or app, keep an eye out for this hidden cost too, most vendors will charge obscene amounts if your bandwidth usage surpasses the amount of storage you have.



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